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The new CBS show The Great Indoors featuring Joel Mc Hale will be airing Promos with my music after November 3rd.

I did a few "bumpers" for Fox News  for the presidential debate and some tech stories. My grandma will be very proud when I get around to telling her!!!

Ellen is Hilarious! She can use my music any time!!!

I've seen this one a few times...

 The New York News used an orchestral track of mine a whole bunch of times. hooray!!

We ALL know this one!!!

This one is based in New York, I actually do not know this show. but that's ok with me, as long as they want to use my stuff.

You know the show!!!

 You know what show I'm talking about

My song "Numero Uno", titled as an inside joke, was used for the show Supernatural on the CW.

The UFC used a song that I had originally pitched to HBO for Vinyl. See? Things work out in the long run!

This was a good week. My music is all over the place. this was one of the shows.

I'm currently working on a track for Bethesda's 'Game of the year', Fallout 4. Some kind of expansion pack... That's about all the info I have so far. I'll post the track when I finish it.

America's Got Talent is using my music for a new commercial. I've only recently been told that my work is being used, so I haven't seen it yet, but i'm looking around for it. When I find it I will upload it.

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November 8, 2019

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