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Happy Friday the 13th, Merry Christmas, all that jazz... I know it's an odd day when a gigantic trailer launches, and I not only did the music for it, but I sang on it as well! So here it is!

Here's music that got used in the Fortnite Darkfire Bundle Promo. Check it out!

I recently was fortunate enough to write the new theme song for Animal planet's show, Extinct Or Alive. This is a fantastic show that finds animals that are thought to be extinct, and then helps to restore their place in the ecosystem...

This was my first movie big movie trailer placement. There are more in the works, but here is a link to the movie's official Twitter page, and the trailer itself.


Baseball has been using my music lately. Thanks, Baseball!

Football has been using my music more regularly. Thanks, Football!

Nascar has used my music over 100 times this year. Thanks NASCAR!

Top 30 tv is a news show that gives you 30 pieces of newsworthy information within 30 minutes, and they have even figured out how to do it during commercials! This is a show that I could actually see myself tuning in to.

Snapchat had a show on Fox for a second and they used my music for the theme song.

Fox decided to double down on me and use my music for Martha's show. This theme song has been playing Monday through Friday for quite a while but I've been busy and haven't added to the site in a while.

I did the music for this brand a little while back. very nice people, seems they want to save you money or something.

I did this Commercial

Here's a promo for the new show on CBS called Training Day which uses my music.

I did all of the music for Tucker Carlson's new prime time show on Fox News. It airs Monday through Friday and it's currently the #1 cable news show in the nation.

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